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Bookmark this page! Anytime you wish to shop on-line, just come to this page first and then use the links below. You'll be shopping at these stores just the same as if you went directly to them, with all of their guarantees of safe on-line transactions and quality service, except that between 5% and 15% of what you spend will be donated to help students participating in The Odyssey.

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Barnes and Noble credits The Odyssey with at least 5% of all purchases initiated from this page.

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The Odyssey is credited $1 for every person who uses the CoolSavings service.
The Odyssey is a non-profit program to raise global awareness among youth and to involve them in actions to create change in the world.

Beginning in January of 1999, up to one million students will join a team of 6 adults as they travel around the world for two years. The students will explore ancient ruins and historical sites, chat with local youth, learn about people around the world trying to affect change, and join in activities to create change themselves - all via the Internet!

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