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The Team in Turkey
(February 5 - March 22, 2000)

February 5, 2000: You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello: The Trek Hits Turkey
  • Merhaba Turkey!
  • At last we meet! Hello Andrew
  • Rhymin' Brian joins the trek
  • Kevin bids the team farewell!
February 9, 2000: Gods and Monsters in Turkey!
  • Here, chimera, chimera, chimera!
  • WWF Smackdown in Turkey!
  • The Fertile Crescent - the first supermarket!
  • If it's East - it must be Spring!
February 12, 2000: Turkey Through the Ages: The Team Tells the Tale
  • Whose temple is it anyway?
  • Sit tight, here come the Hittites
  • How the Lycians lost their lease
  • Turkey's prehistoric city of "firsts"
  • Pondering the many marvels of mighty Miletus
February 16, 2000: We're walking on history!!!
  • No place to learn, no place to hide
  • What do you do when there's no school?
  • In the beginning religion was all about One Love
February 19, 2000: Stories of Recent Tragedy and Ancient Majesty
  • Life for kids after the quake...
  • Searching for survivors
  • You're one is six billion! So, what are you going to do about it?
  • Aya Sophia, the old lady of Istanbul
  • Meet the Doctor of the Gladiators
February 23, 2000: From Santa to Shadow Puppets - Turkey's full of cultural delights!
  • The Lowdown on the Ho-meister!
  • Call me Izmir?
  • Life without unions was dangerous!
  • The struggle to adapt to "temporary" environments
  • A dream starts in one place and lands in another
February 26, 2000: Impressions of Turkey, Past and Present
  • Turkey boasts great hosts (and hostesses)...
  • The bustle of Istanbul
  • Bound for Sultanahmet
  • In times of love and war: Kutayha
March 1, 2000: Conquerors, Concubines and Rappin' Poets Liven up Turkey
  • I'm a writer, not a rapper!
  • Care to be a conquering stud?
  • Them domes gonna rise again!
  • Sultans of Shame!
March 4, 2000: From the Everyday to the Bazaar, Turkey's Wonders Are Revealed
  • Spices, nuts and everything under the sun
  • Mineral, milk, or marshmellow, you decide!
  • The harbor at the heart of the city
  • Ancient cities beneath the earth
  • A sultan is born
  • Trekking to Troy
March 8, 2000: The Power of Words, People and History in Turkey
  • All we need is loveŠLoveŠLOVE!
  • One Turk: NOT shaken, NOT stirred
  • Just call him "Smartypants!"
  • Time to hip-shop!
March 11, 2000: Dance, Destruction, and Dreams: The Final Days in Turkey
  • Anatolian students get footloose!
  • Facing up to our fears
  • Hospitality at its finest
  • Shrouded in red tape, the Team readies for Iran...
  • Dreams from devastation: recovering in Turkey
March 15, 2000: The Birth of a New Turkish Nation
  • And this is the house that Turk built...
  • No "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards!
  • There's still a lava living to do
  • I am Kurdish, HEAR ME ROAR!
March 18, 2000: From the Feast to the Fight: Views and Voices of Turkey's Mainstream and Margins
  • Isolating the Outsider
  • Fresco-a-go-go!
  • World Famous Turkish Delights!
  • The Politics of Genocide?
March 22, 2000: The Changing Face of Turkey
  • Come for the pilgrimage, stay for the sales!
  • Bursting at the seams with human beings!
  • School's out for good!
  • Prisoner of crime... or wealth?
  • No more 'Mr. Bad Guy!'

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