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Middle East - Israel

The Team in Israel / Palestinian Territories
(December 15, 1999 - February 2, 2000)

December 15, 1999: Shalom! The Team arrives in Israel
  • Whole lot of history going down!
  • Ride a camel to the stars
  • A bird's gotta fly!
December 18, 1999: A Middle East Feast of Religion and more!
  • Whose side are you on, anyway?
  • Walking in the footsteps of Jesus
  • I can name that holiday in 8 days!
  • Gotta get some religion!
December 22, 1999: On the Brink of 2000, the Odyssey Explores a Religious Legacy
  • The renewal of an ancient city
  • Christians vs. Muslims - Whose land is holier?
  • Jesus born in a cave?
  • Rebuilding a homeland
January 5, 2000: A "New Year" of Travel for The Odyssey
  • A rhyme of a good time...
  • This land is not our land
  • I'm O.K., you're Y2K!
January 8, 2000: Trekking Through Time and Space, the Team Experiences Israel Past and Present
  • The complex history of Jaffa and its present-day charm
  • Firsthand experience of the religious fervor in Jerusalem including the "Jerusalem Syndrome"
  • The life of Lawrence of Arabia
  • Y2K celebrations in Jerusalem from the point of view of an extraterrestrial
  • The story of the Masada fortress and the Zealots who defended it
January 12, 2000: Religion Rules... Especially in Israel
  • Listen to the land beneath you
  • They don't make caped crusaders like this anymore!
  • Haunted by horrors of the past in Israel
  • Blame it on Y2K...alien life forms lost in Jerusalem!
January 15, 2000: Conflict and Coexistence in the Holy Land
  • Conflict Resolution 101
  • A tale of one city... Safed
  • Israel's road to independence...
  • Two religions, one holy, holy site
January 19, 2000: Discovering Differences in Life, Art and Politics in Israel
  • Divided, we live together
  • Give the world a piece of your mind
  • Become a peace activist in one week or less
  • One big happy family!
January 22, 2000: Israel's Path to Peace is Full of Obstacles
  • Memories of a Holocaust Massacre
  • We come in peace...
  • Splashing around in a lake with no life
  • Planting the seeds of peace
January 26, 2000: Finding a Common Ground for Peace in Israel
  • Young Israeli artists need your help!
  • Fight for what's right!
  • And the winner is...PEACE!
  • Get to know thy neighbor
January 29, 2000: More Tales of War and Its Consequences
  • Inside Palestine's concrete jungle, Gaza City
  • Of lives shattered...
  • And lives lost...
  • Who gets the H2O in the Middle East?
February 2, 2000: Refugees, Extremists, and Goodbyes: A Farewell to Israel/Palestine
  • Where has my home gone?
  • Refugees in their own land
  • Home for the holidays

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