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The Team in Iran
(March 25 - April 29, 2000)

March 25, 2000: A Look Behind the Shroud: First Impressions of Iran
  • Breaking through to the "other side"
  • Finding family in Iran
  • Holy rams' heads...
  • Dodging bottle-rockets
  • Iran's Christian minority
March 29, 2000: The Movers and Shakers of Iran
  • Tamerlane for Master of the Universe!
  • The human side of apartheid
  • Tonight we're gonna' party like it's 1379!
  • In this war nobody's winning
  • How do you fix a lose/lose situation?
  • The teacher's teacher - Omar Khayyam
April 1, 2000: Persian Ways and Holidays: The Latest Insights from Iran
  • Of caravans and trekker vans...
  • Behind the scenes, the real Iran
  • Telling time, Persian-style
  • A new year, a new beginning
  • Intrigue in ancient Persia
  • Cover up... it's the law!
April 5, 2000: The Folk Behind Iranian Folklore
  • Bow, kneel and pray, pray, pray!
  • We're all one big, happy family
  • Are you a good Shah or a bad Shah?
  • Do the Shahnama!
  • He's a poet and he knows it!
April 8, 2000: Art, Architecture, and Every Day Living in Iran
  • Can I sell you a couch? You don't seem to have any furniture
  • The Mona Lisa hasn't got a chance in Iranian art
  • Peace be upon us in Iran's own version of Islam
  • Aliens are planting buildings in Iran!!!
  • The Team gets MAD about water waste!
April 12, 2000: Exploring a Natural Way of Living in Persia
  • Jack and Jill went DOWN the hill!
  • The perks of being a Muslim
  • A perfect 10!
  • What have you learned, Grasshopper?
April 15, 2000: Prophets, Poets, and Marvels of Persia
  • Inside the fire temple!
  • Iran's mightiest mosque
  • And on the thirteenth day...
  • The mystery of the desert dome
  • An afternoon with the poets of Shiraz
April 19, 2000: Great Empires, Revolutions, and Architecture in Iran
  • What a difference 20 years makes!
  • Huge Rules, Man!
  • Color my world
  • This is not your Grandfather's school!
April 22, 2000: War Ravaged Lands, Ethnic Minorities, and Iran's Very Own Earth Day
  • Fourteen is old enough to fight
  • Islamic Law: A First Hand Experience
  • Welcomed into the Folds of a Kurdish Village
  • Earth Day: a Celebration and a Reminder
April 26, 2000: Cultures Clash: can the US and Iran stop pointing fingers?
  • I know I'm a terrorist - but what are you?
  • How deep is your love?
  • The hatred is not between you and me
April 29, 2000: Leaving Iran: The Team's Last Insights on the Shrouded Nation
  • Life and times of the Ayatollah
  • When father doesn't know best...
  • The many faces of Iran
  • A poetic farewell to Persia
  • Culture clash in Tehran

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