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Trekking - US to Guatemala
(January 12 - February 3, 1999)

January 12: San Francisco - Meet the Team
  • Meet the individuals that make up the trekking team.
  • Get ready, get set, go. . . Prepare for two years of world trekking.
January 16: San Francisco - School Visits & Departure
  • Visit participating schools for special send-off ceremonies.
  • Share expectations about the trip with other students.
  • Say goodbye to the trekking ambassadors as they begin their adventures dedicated to service, education, and exploration.
January 20: Trekking: Mexico-Guatemala
  • Try out three different methods to cross the border into Mexico.
  • Dive into Mexican history with an introduction to the Aztec heritage.
  • Learn about the historic controversy of migration to the US.
January 23: Mexico City
  • Reunite in Mexico City after a 44-hour bus ride from Tijuana.
  • Glimpse modern day life in Mexico through the eyes of hip skater kids.
  • Experience the diversity of the capital - from ancient ruins to the set of a modern Mexican soap opera to a Cuban-style dance hall to a street-side restaurant.
January 27: Entering Maya Territory - Southern Mexico
  • Tour Teotihuacan, home of the world's third largest pyramid.
  • Travel with the entire group to the ancient city of Palenque and experience a run-in with monkeys.
  • Explore the region of Chiapas and learn about the Zapatista revolutionary movement and environmental concerns of the region.
January 30: Trekking: Mexico - Guatemala
  • Monica and Abeja explore the magical ruins of Tikal and then head off to the capital city.
  • Sean and Kavitha head south from San Cristobal, stopping in Quetzaltenango, a city of mostly indigenous Mayan people.
  • Go with Klaus and Jamila to the other Mayan cities of Uxmal and Chichen Itza. They are heading to Belize by way of Tikal.
  • If all goes according to plan, the group will meet up once again on Feb. 7.
Feb 3: More on the Maya and the Markets
  • Scattered throughout Mexico City, Jamila and Klaus battle the countless stairs of Chichen Itza and Palenque in the rain.
  • Learn how the city of Merida prepares for Carnival, Latin America's biggest party.
  • Get lost with the vegetarian trekkers in a Mexican meat market.
  • Settle in with Monica in her new home in Concepcion, where she begins three weeks of working with the indigenous rights group, GAM.

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