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Trekking - Peru to Argentina
(June 5 - 9, 1999)

June 5, 1999 -- Argentina: Looking Back at Latin America
  • Shawn delves into the history of Che Guevara - one of Latin America's most revered and detested leaders.
  • It looks good enough to eat -- come along as Kevin and his jeep take a journey through a salt desert!
  • Kavitha reflects on the Odyssey's first semester -- Latin America -- and glimpses into the future.
  • Was she primping for too long? While Monica is busy admiring toilet paper and a clean bathroom, someone walks off with one of her bags.
June 9, 1999 - Meeting the Movers and the Shakers of the World: Kids, Mothers, and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
  • Better than the Spice Girls? You read right! Abeja meets the famous Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.
  • Shawn tells the story of the amazing man behind the sweatsuit and the Nobel Peace Prize, Adolfo Perez.
  • And Monica goes back in time to introduce you to Evita (no, not Madonna).

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