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The Team in Peru
(April 7 - May 29, 1999)

April 7, 1999: The Team in South America - Finally!
  • Planes, trains and automobiles? Not a chance! Try taking a cargo boat from Panama to Colombia!
  • $25 food and shelter budget for 3 people for a week? You have to be kidding! Kavitha, Shawn and Monica forage in the jungle for breakfast when their boat trip is delayed.
  • Scared of death? The Lord of Sipan made sure he'd have enough food and water to make it to his final destination. Check out what else is in his tomb!
April 10, 1999: Digging into the Mystery of Peruvian Culture
  • Who would ever want to go to Peru in the first place? It's not like the world's deepest canyon, the largest lake in South America and some of the most famous ruins in the world are uncommon, right?
  • Thirsty? How about a goblet full of the blood of sacrificed victims? Abefa digs into the history of the Moche Pyramid of the Sun.
  • Talk about style: Kevin veiws a fashion show of ancient Peruvian culture and see t-shirts made of gold!
  • Monica tracks the clues to find out when and how her digital camera and computer were stolen. Now there's a reward out for whomever catches the thief!
April 14, 1999: High Tech Trekkin' Through Ancient Terrain
  • A mud palace? Kevin explores the defenses of Chan Chan - the largest mud city in the world.
  • We heard she was looking thin, but could this be right? Nature plays tricks on Monica when she stands on the equator.
  • Brrrrrrrr! It's a naked Shawn! He's lost his boots and jacket already - what's next?!
  • Shawn aprende español! Can you find the errors in his first Spanish dispatch?
April 17, 1999: Peru - More Adventure and Scandal than Hollywood!
  • Perhaps Shawn should be the next OO7. In one day he travels through two countries, he's robbed, and he rides off into the sunset on a motorcycle!
  • Does "colonialism" make you think of pilgrims or the "Boston Tea-Party"? Peru has its own story of colonialism, only it involves guano (bird poop), not tea!
  • What do Nepal, Big Mountain, Arizona, Todos Santos, Guatemala and Hauraz, Peru have in common? Kavitha discovers connections between people across the globe.
  • We've all heard of the sculpture, "The Thinker," but what about sculptures of decapitated heads, gushing blood and popped out eyeballs? Maybe we should visit the ruins at Sechin with Monica!
April 21, 1999: Peruvian Meals, Mysteries and Tombs!
  • Hey, it's dark in here! Shawn's flashlight goes out on him when he is exploring the underground tunnels at Chavin. Are those bats flying around his head?!
  • Betty Crocker never served this up for dinner. Kevin has to eat cuy!
  • Sherlock Monica spots a giant monkey, an enormous bird and a huge spider! Is this a zoo, an art exhibit, an agricultural reminder or a ritual?
  • Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but these windows sound more like tight quarters! Kevin finds out that in the Otuzco burial grounds, there's no such thing as rest in peace!
  • Are we there yet, Shawn? Abeja and Shawn gasp for oxygen as the air gets thin on the hike to Lago Churup!
  • The conquistadors are back in Peru! Pizarro may have caused damage, but take a look at what Newmont, Shell and Mobil are doing!
April 24, 1999: Peru, Potato Chips and a Pot of Gold!
  • Before you dollop on some sour-cream and chives, did you ever think your potato might be a form of pesticide? Genetically engineered foods may have "good" genes, but they mutate the success of small farmers.
  • Sure, barbecue potato chips are good, but how about 140 other possibilities? Kavitha tells us how biodiversity in potatoes leads to more than just a good chip.
  • Wouldn't it be nice to have a whole community to help you with your homework? Abeja tells us how community-focused living brings straight "A's" to Peruvian villages.
  • Kevin steps inside the largest gold mine in South America, but discovers it has more to offer than just fine jewelry (and not all of it shines!).
April 28, 1999: Peruvian Pleasures for Your Favorite Trekkers
  • Who says a 10-year-old can't be a mountain guide? Abeja tells about her hiking and tunneling adventures in Huaraz.
  • Kevin finds himself in royal digs at some ancient Peruvian baths.
  • Explosions filled the air! Was the team in a war zone again? Nope, just the farmers' signal to the spirits to keep the hail away.
  • Monica climbs high above Cuzco and discovers why the locals say their city is shaped like a puma!
May 1, 1999: Standing up for Peru (it holds your fate, too!)
  • There's nothing as eternal as Nature, right? Think again... before it's too late!
  • Kevin's journey into the heart of the Earth, and back again!
  • It's champagne wishes and caviar dreams for the wealthy, but what about your everyday Joe of the Inca Empire?
  • Join Monica at the center of the largest protest in Peru in nine years!
May 5, 1999: Sail, Gallop and Run with Us through Peru!
  • Why is Shawn bugging out on the Amazon river? Found out about the cool conservation work he's been doing with ALPECA.
  • HI HO SILVER! Kevin launches onto the back of experience (better known as horseback) and travels faster than he ever has before on a live animal!
  • Just a stone's throw away from central Cuzco, Kevin made new young friends and learned more about the ancient secrets of the Incas.
  • The United States postal service may have next day delivery, but find out why it can't hold a candle to the speedy Incas!
May 8, 1999: The World Trekkers Strike Back!
  • Kavitha tells us why the Shinning Path left everyone in the dark. Any hey! Be careful that your philosophy professor isn't really a terrorist!
  • Kevin visits an amazing temple that took so long to build the people who built it don't even know how long it took! Worship nature and make an offering to the gods at Ollantaytambo!
  • Shawn boats through a visit built completely on rafts and stilts. Watch out for the water, though! It can be filled with the remains fo last night's dinner!
  • Abeja questions whether going "modern" isn't a little out of style. Who needs Super-K in the middle of one of the most beautiful places in the world?
May 12, 1999: The World Trekkers on the Move
  • The rain is just about over and it is fiesta time. Join Kavitha and Abeja on their endless and fruitless search for the parties.
  • What caused the single most powerful and far-reaching loss of life ever to occur in the New World? Kevin explores the heart of destruction.
  • It's the big one we've all been waiting for! Monica takes us along on her endurance trek up to the great Machu Picchu ruins.
  • She wears many guises - rain, snow, frost, hail, steams, springs, and lakes. What is she? Find out from Abeja.
May 15, 1999: "Living La Vida Loca" in Peru
  • Kevin gets face to face with a llama. Learn why llamas spit on possible sweethearts, and why you might want an llama instead of a backpack to carry home your homework!
  • Shawn wanders the Amazon looking for cures and takes us on a walk among the treetops in the amazon. Don't look down! You could fall into a pit of deadly snakes and flesh-eating mosquitoes!
  • Kavitha visits the site of the "Battle of Ayacucho" and tells us why the victors of a battle don't always win.
  • Abeja hangs out with university students who come from villages that have almost no contact with the "modern world." Find out what these students want to learn and why.
May 19, 1999: Making Money and Paying Homage in Peru
  • Kevin finds out that the nuns at the Monastery of Santa Catalina in Arequina used to take showers once a month. Is this why they never got married?
  • To go or not to go? Abeja explroes the ramifications of tourism in Peru.
  • Find out why Monica claims there's no place on earth like the Uros Floating Islands.
  • While the coca leaf destroys precious land, cocaine destroys precious minds.
May 22, 1999: Rowing, Boarding, Partying and Loving our Way through Peru
  • Take a thrilling ride on the whitewater down the Urubamba River with Kevin
  • When Shawn can't find any snow, he'll settle for some sandboarding!
  • Abeja's heart is aflutter... Meet her amor!
  • Check out our very own beauty queen! Monica gets dressed for a local fiesta!
May 26, 1999: Connecting with Kids in Peru
  • Bringin' home the bacon! Kati may only be 8 years old, but Kevin finds out she is one smooth-talking saleswoman!
  • Shawn discovers a Danish dozen in a Peruvian hotel.
  • The Pope, Muhammad Ali, and Bono in cohoots? Kavitha tells us why!
  • Abeja is touched by an angel, but not for the first time.
  • Monica takes the plunge across the border as she heads over to the Co-pa, CopacaBAAAANAAAA!
May 29, 1999: Goodbye Peru, Hello Bolivia!: Poetry, Prisons, and Plata
  • Monica takes us on a riveting adventure down under into a silver mine. Wish her luck and don't forget the dynamite!
  • Abeja and Kevin share some of their most treasured poetry. We also learn about one of Peru's most celebrated poets, Cesar Vallejo!
  • Kavitha gives us the word on how innocent people, including Americans, are thrown into prison conditions worse than Alcatraz without a fair trial! Learn how you can help!

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