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Trekking - Guatemala to Peru
(March 10 - April 3, 1999)

March 10: Heading South and Witnessing Change
  • You can practically feel the mosquitoes itching as you read Abeja's dispatch about her most-feared critters and diseases.
  • Visit Puerto Barrios with Kavitha, a town on Guatemala's coast that is dominated by American corporations including Chiquita, Dole and Shell.
  • Kavitha got to the capital of El Salvador just in time to give us an eyewitness account of the days leading up to the historical national elections.
  • Down in Costa Rica, Monica finds out how former drug addicts and prostitutes are turning their lives around with the help of a local organization called David's Table.
  • Kids in uniform waving their fists, stomping their feet and chanting cries for educational reform. All this in San Jose, Costa Rica and Kevin and Shawn were in the thick of the action!
March 13: Nicaragua - The Culture, the Politics and the Environment
  • Enter Oscar Arias' living room with the trekkers to get the inside scoop on Monica's pre-interview jitters.
  • Climb into the crater of a volcano in "Lago Nicaragua" with Abeja and Kavitha as they explore one of the 250 volcanoes in Central America.
  • Dance with the giant dolls, Abeja and the residents of Leon as they celebrate a Nicaraguan folkloric tradition.
  • Kavitha examines the remnants of the historic rivalry between Leon and Granada. Find out who is pro-Sandinista and anti-Sandinista in Nicaragua.
  • Destroyed homes, crushed cars, and missing bridges - Hurricane Mitch has left a permanent mark.
  • Can he really tell in one day? President Clinton stops by Nicaragua for a day to check out the progress associated with American aid.
March 17: Panama - In the Center of It All!
  • Your assignment: Get from Panama to Peru in ten days. Sound easy enough? Did we mention there are no roads between Panama and Colombia?
  • The eighth wonder of the world? The Panama Canal of course! Check it out!
  • Don't eat yellow snow!!! Well, unless it's 95 degrees out and everyone else is doing it...
  • You thought all food in Central America is the same? Think again! Kavitha introduces some of the diverse foods of Central America.
  • Thinking of doing your own World Trek? It's not all fun and games as Shawn explains
  • YOU can make a difference, in resolving why three Americans were murdered in Colombia!
March 20: Panama - A Small Country with a Large Role
  • Trek through the land without roads! Don't forget to bring a machete and plenty of money for an Indian guide to cross the Darién Gap!
  • Will the Team be trapped in Panama forever? They couldn't get out on a banana boat...what's going to come their way?
  • Fifty-one states? There's Alaska and Hawaii, but Panama!?! Did they forget to tell us about this in school?
  • "Operation Just Cause" and the Panama Canal - the U.S. is involved in Panama in more ways than one.
  • Ocelots and jaguars and bugs! Oh, my! There's a lot of diversity here and we aren't talking about people! Check out the fauna and flora!
  • Three showers a day in Panama City? Kevin must be really clean while he watches The Simpsons!
March 24: Of Pirates, Pleasures, and Panama (still...)
  • We think we've got a boat lined up. But what's this about pirates?!?Traveling by boat
  • The Team confesses why they missed that banana boat
  • This is true! A guy from Tennessee took over Nicaragua and made himself president!
  • Partytime in Panama!
March 27, 1999: Panama - Begging, Bribing and Island-Hopping to Get Out!
  • Abeja and Kevin decided to try a new idea - head north to get south! (What?...) After a few canoe rides, they aren't so sure about this...
  • Meanwhile, Shawn, Kavitha, and Monica FINALLY got a boat to Colombia. And it only took two more delays, a change of boats, and a bribe!
  • Take a trip back through time and chart the paths of various religions in Latin America.
March 31, 1999: Adventuring Around the World: The Inside Scoop
  • If you think it might be cool to be a world trekker, here are a few tips to get you through Colombia.
  • Believe it or not, we're not the first explorers to take the world by storm! Check out our stories about some famous international adventurers of the past.
  • Voice your own opinion about the death penalty after reading today's Making a Difference about the Colombian murderers responsible for the deaths of 3 Americans.
April 3, 1999: Traveling to Peru: Peril and Paradise
  • Urgent! Three of our team members are missing! Decide for yourselves if you believe they're still okay!
  • You'll fit right in if you have a face tattoo and a nose ring: Bask in paradise with Abeja and the second smallest people in the world.
  • Hungry? Then are you, unlike Kevin, ready to reach in and remove all the guts from your dinner!
  • Forget waiting for a boat. Abeja's climbing into the cockpit and taking us for a flight (sorry, no complimentary beverage)!
  • Kevin tricks some Colombian police carrying M16's when they ask him for money!
  • Get a little dizzy with Abeja as she visits one of the highest capital cities in the world, and crosses the equator (all in less than 24 hours!)

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