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The Team in Guatemala
(February 6 - March 6, 1999)

Feb 6: Guatemala - Maya Civilization
  • Jamila and Klaus begin exploring Mayan culture with a visit to tropical Coba, the ruins of a civilization.
  • Visit a local school, tour a traditional Mayan home, and feed a crocodile.
  • Sacrifice a cigar and beer to the Mayan god, Maximon.
  • Stroll through the metropolis of Guatemala City with Abeja and glimpse its history and cultural diversity.
  • Visit five Mayan sites including Tulum and Uxmal, site of the legendary Pyramid of the Soothsayer.
Feb 10: Guatemala - Its Beauty and Its Pain
  • The gang meets their homestay families in the mountain village of Todos Santos where the houses have dirt floors.
  • Don't worry- even though there is no electricity, the team will do its best to stay in touch.
  • Talk with Maria Toj from Defensoria Maya, the indigenous rights organization in Guatemala City.
  • Look deeper at the atrocities committed against indigenous people during the 36-year civil war.
  • Countdown to the live webcast with Rigoberta Menchu.
Feb 13: Guatemala - Diverse People with Diverse Needs
  • Jamila sets off alone to a classroom in Belize where kids use machetes instead of scissors.
  • Find out why school children are barefoot.
  • Visit a hospital and then follow Jamila on the wrong boat to the wrong city.
  • Jamila gets tongue-tied when she realizes out of the five languages spoken in Livingston, Spanish and English are not included.
  • Meet the Garifuna people whose ancestors are from Africa.
  • Jamila hangs out with local high schoolers and learns the meaning of a "Garifuna heart."
  • Work alongside Monica with the human rights organization GAM.
Feb 17: Traditional Life and Hope for the Future
  • Discover maize, the corn crop and Guatemala's most important food.
  • Meet traditional communities.
  • Journey with Abeja to the Quichua Highlands to attend a human rights conference.
  • Got a health problem? Hire a comadrona, a traditional Guatemalan healer.
  • Get ready to meet Rigoberta Menchu.
Feb 20: Post-war Guatemala
  • You think traveling and coordinating schedules with four other people is easy? Think again. Abeja gives the low-down about the mini civil war amongst the group.
  • Abeja opens up to Jamila about meeting a mother of six who survived the thirty-six year Civil War.
  • Kavitha meets with the man who founded Youth for Peace, a support program for teens in Todos Santos - a pueblo where students must travel three hours to get to the nearest high school.
  • Sean meets with the town shaman or medicine man. He might suggest you throw eggs on the ground or sacrifice a rooster to cure a particular problem.
Feb 24: Modern Webcasts, Traditional Fincas and Everything in Between
  • Did you miss the live webcast with Rigoberta? You can still catch the interview and go behind the scenes with Kavitha.
  • After all the stories about human rights violations in Guatemala, find out the truth about the U.S. government's treatment of Native American peoples.
  • Where do all these coffee beans come from? Kavitha visits one of the largest coffee fincas.
  • Abeja invites you to join a Guatemalan Youth Project.
  • Say goodbye to Todos Santos as Shawn gives two final reports from the Guatemalan highlands.
Feb 27: Re-Writing History and Preserving the Future
  • Investigate with the team the U.S. government's role in the atrocities of Guatemala's civil war.
  • Witness with Abeja the release of the Guatemalan government's official version of the history of Guatemala during the war. What happened and who's responsible?
  • Parade with Abeja and gigantic floats representing Jesus through the ancient city of Antigua.
  • Monica meets the principal of a school in Concepción, and finds out how we can help the students to learn.
  • Kavitha travels into the depths of the largest rainforest in North America to discover the endangered way of life for the indigenous people who live there.
  • Jamila's last dispatch sends her on a search for a doll that represents the appearance of most of the children in Guatemala.
March 3: Final Days in Guatemala
  • Meet Kevin, our newest Trekker! Learn about his last days in America, and hopes for the future.
  • Visit Santiago Atitlán with Shawn. This tranquil village nestled amongst huge volcanoes has seen its share of war and environmental destruction.
  • Abeja reflects on the tragic truths of Latin America's longest civil war and the implications of U.S. involvement in the genocide of indigenous Guatemalans.
  • Kavitha shares Part Two of her story of deforestation in the Peten rainforest.
  • Discover in our team dispatch with the School of the Americas is otherwise knows as the School of Assassins.
March 6: Goodbye Guatemala, Hello Centroamerica!
  • Travel with Kevin through five countries on his first adventurous week in Central America (watch out for big mamma cockroaches!).
  • Admire artifacts with Shawn at the base of the pyramids of Chutinamit on Lago Atitlán--but first you must row across the lake standing up!
  • Hear from Monica the story of a man who knows first-hand the striking differences between protesting violently in Nicaragua and peacefully in Costa Rica.
  • Discover with us the beautiful and unique country of Costa Rica.

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