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1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Rigoberta Menchu

- Relive it here! On February 18, The Odyssey World Trek Team met with Rigoberta Menchu for her first-ever "webcast." Jamila and Abeja interviewed her as hundreds of people watched and listened live on the Internet, and participated in the chat, both in Spanish and English. A transcript is avalable in English.

She's the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. She's indigenous, from Guatemala, and rose up from great poverty. Both her parents were tortured and killed by the government. Yet she and others continued their fight for justice. This is her story.

Tikal Guatemala

Guatemala is a country with roots in the great Maya civilization. Since the Conquest, the Maya and other indigenous people have been severly mistreated. For almost 40 years, Guatemala has suffered under a civil war. Over 200,000 died during the war, primarily indigenous people. Learn more about this amazing country.

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