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Bolivia Manta
Carlos and Julio Arguedas founded Bolivia Manta to help preserve and promote the traditions of the indigenous communities of the Andes. "When the Spaniards arrived," notes the group, "thousands of men were uprooted from their communities and condemned to work in the towns and mining centers. Exploited, despised, they continued to play and the music endured through time, getting richer from the influences that mixed in with it." As is often the case with groups that strive to promote Native culture, they have experienced political and economic difficulties in their home country that forced them to live in exile in Europe. "Forced to give up part of ourselves, we leave in increasing numbers, pushed on by need and the hope of leading a less miserable life. When our exile and our loneliness are at their deepest, the music is there like a call that revives within us a world full of excitement and deep feelings."

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Hola Chayantenita! No, it's Monica, the Dancing Queen of La Paz.
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Chayantenita is a whimsical yet mysterious song that translates as "Pretty Girl from Chayanta." The lopsided rhythms reflect the drunkenness of lost love and the plaintive voice of the singer captures the subtle melancholy of the lyrics. "Look how up there in the sky the stars are shining. For you, love is over. For me it begins. Pretty girl of Chayanta. You say to me: 'Come on, come here.' But where are you taking me? And if you took me with you, would you have enough for me to live on?"

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