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Hear Cafe Tacuba perform
Esa Noche

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Cafe Tacuba
Cafe Tacuba, one of the leading bands of Mexico's "rocanrol" movement, has managed to reinvent rock music to suit its own needs. In the process, the band's members have become demi-Gods in Mexico and may become the first Mexican "alterlatino" band to cross over to the US market without singing in English.

Named after a local hang out that was once the Mecca for mestizo (mixed Mexican, Indian and North American) culture, Cafe Tacuba began as a series of all night discussions between four friends who had gathered to solve the problems of the world: singer Anonymous, keyboard player Emmanual del Real, guitarist Joselo Rangel and bassist Enrique Rangel. One night they realized Mexican rock was still being shaped by what American and British bands were doing. The inspiration was coming down from the record companies and radio stations, not up from the streets, and despite Mexico's immense musical and cultural diversity, no rock band had ever built their sound on the various styles of Mexican folk music. That's the task they set for themselves.

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"Esa Noche" from '94s Re, echoes the sounds one might hear in the cafes of some phantasmargoric combination of Havana, Buenos Aires and Mexico City - a bit of bolero, a touch of tango, and a bass drum beating out the cadence of a broken heart. "Esa Noche" touches upon a familiar event in everyone's lives, the ending of a relationship.

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