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Hear Binni Gula'za perform
Ni'bixi Dxi Zina

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Binni Gula'za
Binni Gula'za(Artist pronounced: Bin-ee Goo-lah-shah; Song pronounced: Knee-Beeshi Tshi Zinya) is a vocal and guitar trio - Félix Jiménez Alvarez on lead guitar and vocals, Mateo López López, second guitar and vocals and Pablo Jeronimo Rasgado, requinto (a small, high-pitched guitar with 6 strings that is commonly used in Mexican traditional music. It is generally used by the romantic trios to play the distinctive solo parts in boleros and is plucked rather than strummed) and vocals. The trio plays sones istmeños, the traditional music of the Zapotec Indians who live in Oaxaca, a state located in the southeast portion of Mexico near the Guatemala border. The Zapotecs were one of the great indigenous civilizations of Mesoamerica, similar in importance to the Maya, Aztec, and Mixtec cultures. The Zapotecs were probably the first to develop the Mesoamerican calendar, a triumph of man's ability to observe and interpret the patterns of nature and the universe.

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Zapotec guitarists and composers are well known throughout Mexico, and some of the country's most popular love songs are from the sones istmeños tradition. In the last hundred years, brass bands have been largely replacing string bands, and as a result, many lyrics, noted for their masterful command of the Zapotec language, have been lost.

Binni Gula'za's version of Cabrera's Ni'bixi Dxi Zina (The Tantrum) shows how both the trials of love and the traditional music of Zapotec have successfully traveled across time.

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