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Rigoberta Menchu - 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Oscar Arias - 1987 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Into the Rainforest
The 1999 Goldman Environmental Prizewinners
The Latin America Stage World Trek Team Members

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Cafe Tacuba
Binni Gulaza

Andy Palacio

Costa Rica
Juan Carlos Urena

Claudia Gomez

Los Incas

Bolivia Manta

Meet the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, an indigenous woman who rose up from great poverty to become a great defender of human rights in Guatemala.

Meet the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the former President of Costa Rica who helped broker a peace agreement to the civil war in Nicaragua, and for Central America in general.

Join us in Peru - 100 feet above the ground in the middle of the rainforest! Take a multimedia journey through one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world.

  • Lead thousands to block a uranium mine in Australia,
  • Organize a community to prevent a dam being built in Slovakia,
  • Defend ocean life in the Great Banks of Canada,
  • Prevent the destruction of the world's second largest contiguous rainforest,
  • Oppose the shrimp farms clearing and poisoning coastal mangroves,
  • Document human rights and environmental abuses in Burma,
Do all of this and more with the 1999 Goldman Environmental Prizewinners!

Selected from over 1800 applicants, the Latin America Stage World Trek Team Members are here to meet you - in video!

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