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Trekking - Guatemala to Peru
(March 10 - April 3, 1999)

March 10: Heading South and Witnessing Change

  • You can practically feel the mosquitoes itching as you read Abeja's dispatch about her most-feared critters and diseases.
March 13: Nicaragua - The Culture, the Politics and the Environment
  • Dance with the giant dolls, Abeja and the residents of Leon as they celebrate a Nicaraguan folkloric tradition.
March 17: Panama - In the Center of it All!
  • Don't eat yellow snow!!! Well, unless it's 95 degrees out and everyone else is doing it...
March 20: Panama: Stuck Between Disaster and Paradise
  • Will the team be trapped in Panama forever? They missed the banana boat!
  • Trek through the land without roads! Don't forget to bring a machete and plenty of money for an Indian guide to cross the Darién Gap!
March 24: Of Pirates, Pleasures and Panama (still ...)
  • OK, we think we've got the boats lined up, but did somebody say pirates?!?
  • Kavitha learns some new moves at a mig Panama party!
March 27, 1999: Panama - Begging, Bribing and Island-Hopping to Get Out!
  • The Team splits up! Abeja and Kevin head north to try a new route to Colombia that turns out to be just as hard.
  • The other three FINALLY get on a boat for Colombia, but first they have to pay a bribe!
March 31, 1999 - Adventuring Around the World: The Inside Scoop
  • If you think it might be cool to be a world trekker, here are a few tips to get you through Colombia.
  • Believe it or not, we're not the first explorers to take the world by storm! Check out our stories about some famous international adventurers of the past.

April 3, 1999: Traveling to Peru: Trouble in Paradise

  • Helloooo! Is anybody out there? Three of our Team Members are missing!
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah. Peru, Shmeru. Abeja wouldn't mind staying right where she was, thank you.
  • Welcome to the friendly skies. Your pilot for today's flight will be...Abeja. What!?! Are you kidding?!?

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