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The Team in Guatemala
(February 6 - March 6, 1999)

Feb 20: Post-war Guatemala

  • Abeja opens up to Jamila about meeting a mother of six who survived the thirty-six year Civil War.
Feb 24: Modern Webcasts, Traditional Fincas and Everything in Between

  • Say goodbye to Todos Santos as Shawn writes about his wonderful host family, and the joys of sharing.
Feb 27: Re-Writing History and Preserving the Future

  • Jamila's last dispatch sends her on a search for a doll that represents the appearance of most of the children in Guatemala.
March 3: Final Days in Guatemala

  • Meet Kevin, our newest Trekker! Learn about his last days in America, and hopes for the future.
March 6: Goodbye Guatemala, Hello Centroamerica!
  • Travel with Kevin through five countries on his first adventurous week in Central America (watch out for big mamma cockroaches!).

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