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What can you do to help the environment?

Why notů
  • Sneak into forbidden areas in Burma to videotape forced labor for oil companies?
  • Organize thousands of people to block the construction of a uranium mine in Australia?
  • Form your own organization to take on huge corporations seeking to dislocate thousands of people in Cameroon?
These are just a couple things the winners of this year's Goldman Environmental Prizes have done. What is the Goldman Environmental Prize? Each year one "environmental hero" is chosen from each of six continental regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Island Nations, North America and South/Central America. The winners get $125,000 and a lot of attention for their causes.

While we (the World Trek Team Members) didn't get to meet with these great people, our friends who help coordinate our efforts in San Francisco did, and now you can meet them, right here! We've got their stories and some great video.

So the next time you're free on a Friday night, or wondering what to do with the weekend, or aren't sure what you want to do when you graduate, think about what these people are doing, and go out and do some of it yourself!

And the 1999 winners are...

Bernard Martin - North America,
who has advocated reduced fishing quotas after seeing factory trawlers decimate fish populations.
Michal Kravcik - Europe,
a hydrologist who succeeded in galvanizing community participation to stop a proposed large dam.
Jorge Varela - South/Central America,
who has opposed commercial shrimp farms that have cleared and poisoned coastal mangrove forests.
Ka Hsaw Wa - Asia,
who has undergone torture and risked death in opposition to the environmental and human rights policies of the government.
Samuel Nguiffo - Africa,
who has struggled to stop the liquidation of the world's second largest contiguous rainforest.
Jacqui Katona and Yvonne Margarula - Island Nations,
who have led a massive campaign to prevent uranium mining on traditional land.

Use these links if you prefer to meet all the winners
in one 28 minute clip instead of individually.

Meet the Goldman Prizewinners in video for fast connections
(ISDN or faster)

Meet the Goldman Prizewinners in video for medium connections
(28.8 or better)

Meet the Goldman Prizewinners in audio for slower connections
(under 28.8)

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