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April 28, 1999:
Peruvian Pleasures for your Favorite Trekkers

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Kickin' back in the hot Peruvian sun!

Who says a 10 year old can't be a mountain guide? Abeja tells about her hiking and tunneling adventures:
Abeja - School's Out! Field Trip to the Ruins

News Flash: World Trekker Pampers Himself at a Peruvian "Spa"
Kevin - Treating Myself Like Royalty

Why was Shawn so excited about his discovery of the Hare Krishna restaurants in Lima?
Shawn - Soy Vegetariano

Monica takes in a view from above and what does she see???
Monica - Shape of...a Puma Head! Form Incan City!

Explosions filled the air! Was the team in a war zone again? Nope, just the farmers' signal to the spirits to keep the hail away
Abeja - Spirits in a Material World

Find out Monica's vote for the cutest and most valuable animal in Peru
Monica - Here Llama, Llama...

Kavitha gives us the scoop on the development debate in Quispillaccta
Kavitha - Development or Detriment? Government "Improvement" Programs in Quispillaccta

Making a Difference Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference
Stop! You with the Pringles can! Did you ever think you might be...
Making a Difference - Eating Pesticide Potato Chips

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