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April 21, 1999:
Peruvian Meals, Mysteries and Tombs!

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Kevin digs into a tasty bit of cuy

Where can you find lizards the size of a building? Join Monica, in the Nazca desert.
Monica - Wanted: A Solution to the Puzzle in the Desert

Who do you think causes more damage - Pizarro or Shell?
Kavitha - Corruption by Corporate Conquistadors

Have you ever seen an "anthropomorphic deity"? Shawn finds one in Chavin!
Shawn - Snake-Cats at the Lanzon de Templo Viaje

What's for Dinner? How about some Guinea Pig and Rabbit!
Kevin - Hungry? How about some Cuy?

You Only Live Once, but in Otuzco you can be Buried Twice with Your Entire Family!
Kevin - The Ventanillas: A View to Die For - Twice!

Hiking in the Andes can take your breath away - literally!
Shawn - Inspiration at High Elevations: Huapi Mountain

Making a Difference Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference
Can you imagine exchanging your home sweet home for a coal-mining factory? This is exactly what threatens the Dineh people of Arizona, today!
Making a Difference - Constant Threat at Big Mountain

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April 24, 1999 - 11 pm
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