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April 17, 1999:
Peru - More Adventure and Scandal than Hollywood!

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Could I have you for dinner?

Could Shawn be the next James Bond? He visits two countries, he's robbed, and he rides off into the sunset on a motorcycle!
Shawn - For Your Eyes Only: Shawn's Adventure in Peru

Would you fight a revolution over bird poop? It happened in Peru!
Abeja - Is There Thanksgiving in Peru?

Think the malls at Christmastime are crazy? Consider the frenzy to explore and conquer South America:
The Team - The Conquistadors: They Came, They Conquered, and Left Their Mark

Kavitha sees four corners of the world, but never leaves Peru!
Kavitha - It's a Small World After All!

Blood, guts, and art all in one place! Sound like "Pulp Fiction"?
Monica - If Decapitated Heads Could Talk!!

Making a Difference Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference
Can you imagine exchanging your home sweet home for a coal-mining factory? This is exactly what threatens the Dineh people of Arizona, today!
Making a Difference - Constant Threat at Big Mountain

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