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April 14, 1999:
South America - High Tech Trekkin' Through Ancient Terrain

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Looks like dinner for the week!

Kevin and Abeja report from Peru
Duck, cover and hold during an earthquake, but what about mudslides?
Kevin - Chan Chan - A Magnificent Pile of Mud

Do Re Mi Mi Mi!
Not Quite the Sound of Peruvian Music!

Abeja- Cigars and Pipes- A Few Pre-Inca Legacies

Monica, Shawn and Kavitha report from the road to Peru
Who needs a diet? Move to the equator and you'll lose a few pounds!
Monica - Instant Weight Loss at the Equator

First they took my boots, then the computer and the digital camera!
Shawn - The Hard-Luck Gang Says Adios to the Daring Ladrones

Ay, caramba! Ellos hablan muy rápido!
Shawn - Estudio español

2000 people on one mile of land without telephones, shopping malls or movie theaters! What?!?
Kavitha - Living in an Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny Town

Making a Difference Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference
Twelve People were abducted in Columbia. Five have been killed already. Help save the rest!
Violence in 'Peaceful Communities'

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