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April 7, 1999:
The Team in South America - Finally!

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Sophisticated navigation equipment!

Colombia - Why were you worried?
We were only missing 11 days! Here's why:
Shawn - Life on a Cargo Boat

Diet time! 2 meals a day if the trekkers are lucky! Who says this is paradise?
Starving and Penniless

Ya llegamos! We have finally arrived! Kavitha gets past a Colombian guard by pretending to be a chemistry student!
We Began the Journey as Paupers and Finished with a Japanese Feast!

Peru - Travel Back in Time, or Into the Next World!
Ever consider what you'd like to take with you when you die? The Lord of Sipan took plenty of food, a guard with amputated feet, and two llamas!
Graverobbers and Life After Death - My Visit to a Moche Lord's Tomb

Yes, there were people here before the Inca:
Peru's Early Hunters, Artists and Fighters

Ecuador - Hola, handsome!
Abeja only has eyes for an Andean man. But, someone else had eyes for her digital camera!
Hot! Hot! Hot! I Looked Into His Eyes and Melted...

Making a Difference Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference
The Death Sentence in the US - What do you think?
Live from Death Row

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April 10, 1999 - 11 pm
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