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March 27, 1999:
Panama - Begging, Bribing and Island-Hopping to Get Out!

Four of the cutest chicas in Panama!

Abeja and Kevin decided to head north to get south! (What?...) Share their canoe ride:
By Hook or By Crook, But Not By Plane
Do You Know Senor Bornel?

Wherever you go, people have religions to help explain the big questions in life, and in Latin America, it's mostly the Cathoilic Church providing answers:
From East, From West, From North, But What's Above?

The town of Palenque, Panama, is famous for its statue of a black Jesus. What nobody really knows is how it got here. The Black Christ of Portobelo

Meanwhile, Shawn, Kavitha, and Monica FINALLY got a boat to Colombia. And it only took two more delays, a change of boats, and a bribe!
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You, Tomorrow
20 Dollars to Leave

Check back next time to see if the Team survives Colombia (or if we even ever made it out of Panama!)

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March 31, 1999 - 3 pm
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