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March 20, 1999
Panama: Stuck Between Disaster and Paradise

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Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.
Abeja writes about somewhere over the rainbow, a long, long ways from the nearest McDonald's in:

The Darién Gap: Blow-darts, Guerrillas, and a Mother's Worst Nightmare

We were going to squeeze into an old banana boat to get to Colombia, but why don't we go visit one of the most dangerous cities in Central America instead?
Team - HELP! Does Anyone Know How To Get Out Of Panama?!?

...Oklahoma, Oregon, Panama, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island... Uh, wait a second here. When did Panama join the US?!? Try 1846.
Shawn - Panama: The Fifty-first State

Think you know your history? Panamanian students will probably teach you a thing or two:
Kavitha - American Involvement in Panama: A Just Cause but an Unjust Result

Palm trees, pina coladas, and a beach towel. Ahhh, paradise. Hey, who brought the jaguars, snakes, and a few hundred insects?
Monica - Twenty-Two Reptiles, Toucans, and a Thousand Plants: Biodiversity in Panama

There's no place like home... There's no place like home...
Except, perhaps, a cozy hostel:
Kevin - A Traveler's Paradise: Yummy Food, Hot Showers, and NO COCKROACHES!!!

YOU can make a difference,
in resolving why three Americans were murdered!
Death in Colombia

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