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Join the first stage of our 2-year trek around the world
to raise global awareness and promote positive change.

March 10, 1999 - Heading South and Witnessing Change

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Find out which critters and diseases are most scary for Abeja and does she use a baseball bat to fight them off???
Mosquitoes can be a Nightmare
My Stomach Hurts - KIDS' VERSION

"Coke, Shell, Dole and Marlboro..." is Kavitha back in the United States? Nope...
The Branding of Puerto Barrios

Abeja says final goodbyes to her beautiful new Guatemalan friends...and then hits the road!
Adios Guate

Kavitha gives us an eyewitness account of the days leading up to El Salvador's national elections:
Elections in El Salvador - A Hopeful Future from a Tragic Past?

In Costa Rica, Monica finds out how former drug abusers and prostitutes are turning their lives around:
Of Drugs and Dancing: Social Change in Quepos

The Ticos were chanting, jumping and waving their fists in hope of improving Costa Rican education - and Kevin and Shawn found themselves caught in the middle!
Students on the Streets to PROTEST!

Today's Making a Difference gives you a chance to Help Protect Guatemala's Street Children!
Making a Difference

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