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Oscar Arias

Join the first stage of our 2-year trek around the world
to raise global awareness and promote positive change.

March 3, 1999 - The Team's Final Days in Guatemala

"'Memory of Silence' they called it. What silence? It wasn't silence.
People were screaming, crying to be heard. No one was listening."

- An indigenous woman's reaction to a recent report on the Guatemalan civil war

Keeping the beat - a protest march in Guatemala City

Why do we all know about Monica Lewinsky? Why don't we know about what the US did in Guatemala?!? Abeja -
Why do People Know What They Know?

And speaking of the US, did you hear the one about the Latin American soldiers trained in the US on how to torture people?
The Team reports on "The Miseducation of Latin America"

Shawn gives an overview of Guatemala's grand environment, and looks at some of the forces threatening it
Environmental Devastation: Who's to Blame and How Can We Stop It?

The oil companies are coming for the rainforest! Kavitha -
What's That Oil Doing in My Lake?!?

Kevin's first travel experience?
From Vietnam to the US when 10 months old!

Meet the Team's Newest Member!
Meet Kevin, The Kids' Version

Shawn throws more light on the Civil War
from the beautiful Lake Atitlan
A History of Terror in Santiago Atitlan

In just minutes you can help preserve the rainforest and diminish human rights abuses in Latin America.
Make a Difference

This just in by phone! Monica:
Greetings from Managua!

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