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February 27, 1999 - Rewriting History and Preserving the Future

In this update, Jamila looks back on her time with the World Trek.
Goodbye, Jamila! With the Team winding up in Guatemala, Jamila has returned to her second grade students
Jamila Says Goodbye

Before flying out of Guatemala, Jamila reflected on... dolls?
Jamila Plays with Barbies!
Kids' Version - Barbies

Riots? Relief? The world watched as Guatemala lived a momentous occasion, and Abeja was there!
Historical Headway

Imagine this: a group of spies in the US plots to overthrow a government, and years later provides the arms and money the new government uses to kill its own people... Well, it really happened:
CIA Uncovered

A group of students in Guatemala needs some basic school supplies. Don't let them go without!
Making a Difference - Support Youth in Guatemala

Wanna be in a parade?
What if we said we'd let you carry the float?
Abeja - Carrying Jesus to the City of Churches

The largest area of preserved rainforest in North America? It's in Guatemala! Now, how long will it last is another question...
Kavitha - Deep in the Rainforest

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March 3, 1999 3 pm
Multinationals in Guatemala
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