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Latin America
Live Webcast with Rigoberta Menchu
Relive it here!
Rigoberta Menchu

Join the first stage of our 2-year trek around the world
to raise global awareness and promote positive change.

February 20, 1999
Post-war Guatemala

Did you see the interview with Rigoberta? No?!?
Check it out NOW!
The live webcast kept us pretty busy - we'll catch you up in Wednesday's update.

The difficulties Rigoberta has experienced are common to most indigenous in Guatemala: Rigoberta in the people
No More Small Talk: Stories of the Civil War
Click here for the Kids' Version

Wanna be a doctor?
Perhaps being a shaman sounds more interesting?
Smashed Eggs and Sacrificial Roosters

The youth in Todos Santos need your support now!
Juventud por La Paz - Youth for Peace

You think traveling the world with the Odyssey is all fun and adventure? NOT! Get the inside scoop on how the Team Members deal with each other!
100% Culture Clash - Handle With Care

Next update:

Wednesday, February 24, 1999, 3pm PST
Our brush with Nobelness, Guatemala's colonial past, and Guatemala's brush with CIA-ness

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