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Latin America
Live Webcast with Rigoberta Menchu
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Rigoberta Menchu

Join the first stage of our 2-year trek around the world
to raise global awareness and promote positive change.

February 17, 1999
Traditional Life and Hope for the Future

Guatemala people look to the future
Men made of corn?!?
You heard right!
Corn is king in Guatemala:
Abeja - Men of Maize

Guatemala seeks to put its past behind it,
you can help!
Abeja - Guatemala: Never Again
Helping Witnesses and Survivors

Boil some flowers, limes and garlic, bathe in it, and call me in the morning - Kavitha meets ancient medicine:
Kavitha - Healing with Dreams and Herbs

Jamila takes you on a tour of the rainforest, and shows you how to live forever - well almost
Jamila - Rainforest treasures

What?!? You've never been to Quiche?
Well let Abeja show you around:
Abeja - A Day in Quiche

We turn our attention to the future,
and our best wishes go with the Guatemalan people:
Abeja - Making History

And to round out this week's update,
Kavitha asks the eternal question:
Do You Know Where Your Broccoli Comes From?

Technical difficulties resulted in Shawn's and Monica's dispatches not making it into this update. Beware!, the next update will be full of them!!!

Next update:

Saturday, February 20, 1999, 11pm PST
So, what's it like to meet a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate?

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