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February 13, 1999
Guatemala's Ethnic Diversity

The Garfuna life in Livingston - Selling jewelry made of coconut shells
Jamila Strikes Back!
With Jamila in Guatemala City finally, she catches us up on her adventures. Since Klaus left, Jamila has been traveling on her own to Guatemala through Belize. Why did Klaus drop and how did Jamila get around?
Jamila - Solo and Sore in Central America!

While in Belize, Jamila asks the question: When's the last time you used a machete in your art class?
Jamila - Making Marimbas with Modern Mopan Maya

Arriving in Guatemala she found that black pride is alive and well on the Carribean coast.
Jamila - The African Legacy in Guatemala: Black Guatemalans?

Wait, we've been talking about Maya this whole Trek. What are all those white and black people doing in Guatemala?
Team - Blood Flows in the Americas, Africa Feels the Pain

In two brief final dispatches,
Jamila recounts meeting local youth and learning about "Garifuna heart" in Punta Gorda, and Monica shares some of the solutions the human rights organization GAM provides to some of modern Guatemala's problems.
Jamila goes back to High School
Monica - Justice, Truth and Life: Women with a Mission

45% of those killed in war between 1993 and 1996 were children
Don't let this continue!
You can Make a Difference!

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Meet the men of corn and their medicine!

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