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Latin America
Live Webcast with Rigoberta Menchu
Th., Feb 18
8:30 am PST
Rigoberta Menchu

Join the first stage of our 2-year trek around the world
to raise global awareness and promote positive change.

February 10, 1999
Guatemala Reveals its Beauty and its Pain

Maria Toj's mother

One of the Team Members has dropped!
Find out who!

The Team explores Guatemala's (recent) horrific past
Torture and Bloodshed: Truths of the Guatemalan Civil War

45% of those killed in recent wars are children!
Don't let this continue!
You can Make a Difference!

Kavitha and Shawn have settled in — in the middle of...?
It wasn't easy getting there:
Todos Santos Part 1: Rough Road to Paradise
Todos Santos, Part 2: Finding a Home Away from Home

But now that they are there, it's WELL worth it!
Uncovering the Riches of Todos Santos

Tum, Toj, Hummel - Which of these is NOT Quiché?
The Flourishing Quiche Culture

Jamila - Only a boat ride, then a bus ride, then a boat ride...
Well, she'll be in Guatemala City soon!
Check her dispatch next Saturday!

And Monica will update us on her work with GAM!

Next update:

Saturday, February 13, 1999, 3pm PST
The Team - minus one - WAY off the beaten path!

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