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THANK YOU to all of our partners and supporters!.

Corporations - Global Tier
Viant Viant Corporation ÷ The Odyssey is very grateful to Viant as an early, critical Odyssey supporter. Viant is a professional services firm that helps companies plan and implement digital business solutions. Dubbed one of the "New Big Six" in Web consulting, Viant allows The Odyssey to share their office facilities, including their T1 Internet connection, and has donated several portable computers.

Corporations - Regional Tier
StarMedia Broadband ÷ StarMedia is the leading global Internet media company for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking audiences, with StarMedia Boardband delivering premium streaming media services in Spanish and Portuguese. Starmedia Broadband hosts The Odyssey's streaming video and audio as well as the live chats. StarMedia

Verio Verio ÷ Verio provides The OdysseyÔs Web-hosting services. Verio is the world's largest Web hosting company and a leading provider of business Internet services.

Eastman Kodak Company ÷ Kodak focuses its education philanthropy on improving teaching and learning, and works to help raise educational standards. The Odyssey is grateful to Kodak for providing the Team's digital still cameras. Kodak

Corporations - Grassroots Tier Panasonic Digital Concepts Center ÷ The PDCC donated the Digital PalmcorderĘ Camcorders the Team uses to produce digital video and audio. The PDCC provides services and capital to start-up companies, putting Panasonic's brand, retail distribution channels, and global networks behind them.

Dazzle Multimedia ÷ Dazzle Multimedia products allow businesses and home users to effectively enrich websites and presentations by easily incorporating audio/video. Dazzle donated the Digital Video Converters the Team uses to convert any video they capture into web-ready digital video. Dazzle Multimedia

Brad's Friendly Net BradÔs Friendly Net & Computer Friendly ÷ Computer Friendly donated The OdysseyÔs stateside computer equipment. Based in Midland, PA, Computer Friendly and BradÔs Friendly Net provide primary service to eastern Pennsylvania and western Ohio.

Patagonia - Patagonia produces clothing incomparable for its function and durability. Patagonia also produces its clothing in a way that minimizes any negative environmental impact, and they donate 1% of their sales to the protection and restoration of the natural environment. Patagonia outfitted our team for their World Trek. Patagonia

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet- Lonely Planet is known for publishing practical, reliable and no-nonsense travel information in their guides and on their website, covering just about every accessible part of the world. They supplied all of the guidebooks The Odyssey will use during the two-year World Trek.

American Field Service - AFS is providing on-site Team orientations and facilitating Team homestays in the countries The Odyssey visits. AFS is the worldÔs leading international student exchange program, taking nearly 10,000 students to 55 different countries each year. AFS

PRSA The Public Relations Society of America, San Francisco Branch ÷ The PRSA is the world's largest organization for public relations professionals. They will be managing The OdysseyÔs nationwide PR campaign for all stages of the World Trek.

Walter & Elise Haas fund
Walter and Elise Haas Fund ÷ The Haas Fund provided the financial underwriting necessary to launch The Odyssey and carry it through the Latin America Stage, and is providing critical support through the Africa Stage.

The San Francisco Foundation will be providing support to The Odyssey for the Middle East Stage of the World Trek.

SF Foundation

Underdog Fund of the Tides Foundation
The Underdog Fund of the Tides Foundation is providing additional funding for the Middle East Stage of the World Trek.

eBay - The eBay Foundation is underwriting The Odyssey's educational program, especially in the area of teacher support. eBay, the world's largest online trading community established the eBay Foundation in July 1998. eBay

The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund is providing funding towards the Africa Stage of the World trek.

The La Fetra Operating Foundation The La Fetra Operating Foundation has provided The Odyssey with a Travel Assistance Grant as part of their South-North Exchange Program.

Individuals and Small Businesses
The Odyssey was first created and nurtured by a core of very dedicated volunteers who have together given tens of thousands of hours. Also key to our success as a start-up organization have been donations from caring individuals. Our heartfelt thanks goes to everyone for being so supportive in getting the program off the ground, and we invite you to join us and help make a difference!


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