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The Odyssey in the News (on the Web)

Teachers Take Students on Round-the-World Field Trip,
The San Francisco Chronicle, July 12, 1999

Behind the Site - Odyssey World Trek,
Internet Tonight, ZDTV, January, 1999
Click here for the
full story in video!

Technology Taking Students on Far-Flung Field Trips,
The New York Times On the Web, March 17, 1999

Smart Frog will help get Internet shopping sales really jumping,
Info World, February 8, 1999

Press Releases

February 25, 2000 - The Odyssey Founder and Executive Director wins US State Department's Millennium International Volunteer Award

January 5, 2000 - The Odyssey To Launch Online Interactive Trek Through US History

December 2, 1999 - Year of Living Adventurously - The Odyssey Continues

August 10, 1999 - The Odyssey Receives Support from Panasonic Digital Concepts Center to Travel Around The World.

February 23, 1999 - The Odyssey Successfully Delivers First Internet Webcast of Nobel Laureate, Rigoberta Menchu, Live From Guatemala

Subsequent Press Releases not yet available on the web.

Media Contact

Jeff Golden
Founder, Executive Director
The Odyssey
Phone: (415) 659-3178
Fax: (415) 659-3202

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