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  • China
  • Indian Subcontinent

The Team in India and subcontinent
(May 5, 2000 - June 24, 2000)

May 6, 2000: Delhi, Bombay and Beyond: Inside India's Teeming Cities
  • The city of superlatives
  • Who made the Taj Mahal?
  • All good things must come to an end
  • Adventures on Elephant Island
  • India's chaotic capital
  • Bringing out the talent within
May 10, 2000: Divas, Dams, and Other Interesting Developments as the Trekkers Hit India!
  • People be DAMMed!
  • Let's Go Bollywood!
  • Glorious palace or cheesy disco?
May 13, 2000: Big Bad Dams, A Brave Princess and other tales of the Trekkers' journey through India and Afghanistan
  • Where are all the cool places?!?
  • Living a death sentence?
  • Flood 'em with your support!
    Get MAD over BIG bad dams!
May 17, 2000: Meet Brave Villagers, Young Heroes, and an Elephant named Lexmi as the Trekkers continue to explore India!
  • Rainmakers? Young Heroes!
  • Ancient Ruins Come To Life!
  • Teachers Who do Nothing?
May 20, 2000: Taking an Up Close and Personal Tour of Tibet
  • Waiting for my star on Bollywood Boulevard
  • His Holiness will see you now
  • A true battle of the sexes!
  • Let's play paddy-cake
  • Enema anyone?
  • It's no dam good!
May 24, 2000: The magical mystery tour or heaven-on-earth here we come!
  • Life's a beach!
  • Wait, that's not my good side!
  • Lay your hands on me
May 27, 2000: From the Holiest to the Most Unholy: the Team Gets to Know the Real India
  • His Holiness, the Ocean of Wisdom
  • The most sacred temple of the Sikhs
  • Death for the innocent...
  • Blame it on the shrimp
May 31, 2000: A Teen Tibetan Ruler, Flying Yogis, and India's Independence
  • He's only fourteen now, but one day he may lead all of Tibet
  • Need a new eyeball? Step right up! Welcome to India's eye hospital
  • Forget airplanes. Get onboard a yogi!
  • Let India's independence begin!
June 3, 2000: People, Development and Politics in the World's Second Largest Nation
  • The Bhuddist Philosophy of Buggin' Out
  • Globalization: good or bad?
  • Where the line is drawn…
  • The People vs. The Port
  • Exercise your literacy!
June 7, 2000: Chemical Disasters, Delhi's Worst Slums, and a Female Prime Minister - India Facing the 21st Century
  • Better homes or a better grocery stores?
  • India's very own "Chernobyl"
  • Are your beliefs worth dying for?
June 10, 2000: Herstory: India's women take on the world!
  • Nice legs!
  • When women rule - everyone (or nearly) has a home
  • If you do the crime, use the time
June 14, 2000: Living and Dying Properly in India
  • Swim in the Ganges and wash away your sins - if you dare!!!
  • What would McDonalds do to have that power?
  • Wanna be a Monk? This eight-year old French kid did!
June 17, 2000: Faith and Injustice in the Indian Subcontinent
  • Getting bullied in Burma!
  • The ABCs of saving trees...
  • How Tibet lost it's independence
  • India's ancient faith
  • In the house of the Hindu Gods
June 21, 2000: Welcome to Thailand - NOT for the Faint of Heart!
  • Jasmine reveals Bangkok's secrets
  • The Sex Industry in Thailand - Destroying Youth
  • Thirty kings strong - a visit to Thailand's old capital
June 24, 2000: More Questions than Answers: Living and Learning, the Team Treks On
  • A free progress community...
  • We built this city...
  • Gandhi's spirit lives on
  • The high temple of the monkeys
  • The wisdom of the traveler
  • Roads and electricity: good or bad?
  • Get those nukes out of my backyard!

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