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India and China
Multimedia and Special Guests

India Stage

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Take a wild ride through the streets of India to the Taj Mahal

Watch the closing ceremony of the India-Pakistan Border The India-Pakistan Border

The Red Fort    Take a tour of the Red Fort at Agra

Take a tour of the Golden Temple at Amritsar Golden Temple in Amritsar

Pray wheels near Dharmasala  See the pray wheels on the way to Dharmasala

Tour Nek Chand's Rock Garden made from industrial waste   Nek Chand's Rock Garden

Interview with Dr. Shiva  A Conversation with Dr. Vandana Shiva on Globalization

Take a tour through the slums at Yamana Pushta  Yamana Pushta

China Stage

Kathmandu, Nepal  Tour Kathmandu, Nepal

Climb Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), see the sea of clouds   Huangshan  

Nanjing Memorial Archive  Tour the Nanjing Massacre Memorial

Tour the Sun Yat Sen Memorial  Sun Yat Sen Memorial

Yuantong Temple  Tour the Yuantong Temple in Kunming

Tour the ancient Thai capitol of Ayuthaya  Ayuthaya

Market Day in Dali  Take a stroll through the market in Dali

Tour Confucius' Temple in QuFu  Confucius Temple

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