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We are home now and the World Trek is over!

On this page you can check out everything we've done in China and India!

India and China Map

What's in the Current Update?

August 2, 2000: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been - But Totally Worth It!
  • Contemplating the next move for the future
  • A sad farewell to old friends, but a new and exciting beginning
  • 555 days of sights, sounds and wild experiences
  • Thinking about the adventures of your own odyssey
Our founder Jeff and his fearless trekkers share a final goodbye hug

July 29, 2000: Tearing Down Old Ideas and Building New in Communist China
  • Being a foreigner in a strange land
  • Mao Zedong: a popular leader of China or nasty guy? You decide
July 26, 2000: The Trekkers Hit Beijing: Dining, Philosophizing and Kung-Fu Chopping
  • A down-home bug BBQ!
  • Confucius say, "take the survey and see if you follow my ways"
July 15, 2000: Relatives and Revolution: The China Trek Continues
  • China's Cultural Revolution... a revolution against culture
  • We are family!
July 12, 2000: Lounging, Shopping, and Cycling Around: What to do with your free time in China!
  • Where have all the pandas gone?
July 8, 2000: Trekking Through China's Traditional Towns
  • Returning to the days of old
July 1, 2000: From Imperial Dynasties to Transcontinental Train Rides, China's Wonders Are Revealed
  • The greatest Buddha of them all...
  • Takin' the choo-choo across China...
June 28, 2000 - China! China! China!
  • What do you mean, "What's a fortune cookie?"
June 24, 2000: More Questions than Answers: Living and Learning, the Team Treks On
  • Gandhi's spirit lives on
  • The high temple of the monkeys
June 21, 2000: Welcome to Thailand!
  • Thirty kings strong - a visit to Thailand's old capital
  • We'll move that tree there, and this one here...
June 17, 2000: Saving the World's Trees
  • The ABCs of saving trees...
June 14, 2000 - Living and Dying Properly in India
  • What would McDonalds do to have that power?
  • Wanna be a Monk? This eight-year old French kid did!
June 10, 2000 - Herstory: India's women take on the world!
  • If you do the crime, use the time
June 7, 2000 - India is Changing and Kavitha is There to See It
  • What's for dinner? Maharaja Macs again?
June 3, 2000: A Lesson in Buddhist Philosophy
  • Buggin' out in India
May 31, 2000: A Teen Tibetan Ruler, Flying Yogis, and India's Independence
  • He's only fourteen now, but one day he may lead all of Tibet
  • Forget airplanes! Climb on board a yogi
May 27, 2000: The Team Gets to Meet the Holiest Man in India
  • His Holiness, the Ocean of Wisdom
May 24, 2000: The magical mystery tour or heaven-on-earth here we come!
  • Life's a beach!
  • Wait, that's not my good side!
  • Lay your hands on me
May 20, 2000: It's a Family Affair in India!
  • Let's play paddy-cake
May 17, 2000: Schools, temples and monsoons - India is full of surprises!
  • It's Hot and Dry in India - What's New?
  • Teachers Who Do Nothing?
  • Holy Holy Elephants!
May 13, 2000: Big Bad Dams, A Brave Princess and other tales of the Trekkers' journey through India and Afghanistan
  • Princess to panthers to parliament!
    Royal fairy tales come to life!
May 10, 2000: Popping into India to Hear Hindi Pop Music!
  • Let's Go Bollywood!
May 6, 2000: Dehli, Bombay and Beyond: Inside India's Teeming Cities
  • Who made the Taj Mahal?
  • All good things must come to an end
  • Adventures on Elephant Island
  • India's chaotic capital
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