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The Team in Zimbabwe
(June 26 - August 11)

June 26, 1999: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know... The Rich History of Zimbabwe and Swaziland
  • Don't want to take piano lessons? Kevin recommends practicing the mbira!
  • Abeja asks for directions and finds herself in a lyrical bliss
  • Detective Monica, "Would the real Shaka please stand up"
  • African art? Kavi discovers a lot more than cave drawings
June 30, 1999: The Fabled and Factual Creation of Zimbabwe
  • One way to become a millionaire before age 25! Monica finds out how Cecil John Rhodes did it
  • Cecil Rhodes may be heralded around the world for his good works, but learn how he may have done more harm than good
  • Why is the hippo fat and ugly? Why is the baobab tree upside down? Kavitha unveils the answers!
  • Two World Trekkers disappear into a mysterious mirror. Monica tells us a tall tale about African train travel!
July 10, 1999: Zimbabwe and Swaziland - Of Kings, Queens and Cool Kids
  • The kindness of youth in the face of AIDS
  • Are you a good missionary or a bad missionary?
  • Shall we dance? Shawn and Abeja meet the King of Swaziland
July 14, 1999: Rags to Riches in Mozambique
  • Trying to Build a Mountain out of a Molehill - the revolution in Mozambique
  • How much do you know about AIDS protection?
  • Rhodesia Speaks: What Life Was Really Like Under White Rule
  • What if the Chinese had tried to take over the world instead of Europeans? It could have happened!
July 17, 1999: Zimbabwe and Mozambique: A Hero's Death and the Simple Life
  • While fireworks lit up the American skies, Zimbabweans mourned the loss of a hero
  • Young Zimbabweans face the difficult problems of rape and disease and work for solutions!
  • Why are some people getting all the money in Mozambique?
  • Sailing, swimming, singing, and dancing - all under African skies
July 21, 1999: Past, Present, Future: Freedom and Redevelopment in Zimbabwe
  • Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry... Government Tries to Make Up For Military Terror
  • A Young Artist Searches For A Style of His Own
  • Modernization after Colonization is a Full Time Job
  • Shaga "relic," Baby! Ancient African ruins, Medicine Men and Fortune Tellin' Old Ladies
July 24, 1999: The Heart of Zimbabwe: National Parks and National Crises
  • The beasts of Africa threaten, but Kavitha lives to tell the tale
  • Kudu, Ostrich, Impala, and Crocodile -- African cuisine for Kevin!
  • The AIDS crisis affects not only those who die, but those left behind
  • The Girl Child Network uses peer counseling to challenge old traditions and empower young girls
July 28, 1999: Reading, Writing and Recycling Zimbabwe Style
  • What would you do if YOU were a powerful politician in Zimbabwe when it was ruled by whites?
  • No cans allowed! Zimbabwe has strict rules regarding soft drinks - but the result is cleaner streets
  • Join Abeja in the life of a Zimbabwean high school student
July 31, 1999: Zimbabweans Paving Paths to Brighter Futures
  • Lacking high school diplomas, kids can still find success in Zimbabwe
  • Born into a life on the streets, poor youth find a way to get ahead
  • The Prince of Wales, polygamy, and rain dances... Abeja discovers it all in one day!
  • From Harare to Harvard, a young Zimbabwean prepares for the journey of a lifetime
August 4, 1999: Environment vs. Development: Beauty or Beast?
  • MMM... Yum, Porridge and corn mush. Discover traditional meals in Zimbabwe.
  • This isn't Rosie the Riveter. Meet Irene the Welder.
  • Lions, tigers, bears and - elephants? Oh my!
August 7, 1999: Taking Control: Zimbabwe Struggles Against the Powers That Be
  • Will the REAL Ian Douglas Smith please stand up?
  • Dangerous plan for world domination: What happened in Naboo might happen to you!
  • No more papers, no more books. In fact, there's not a school for miles.
August 11, 1999: The Team Bids Zimbabwe - and Shawn - a Fond Farewell
  • Shawn bids farewell to the Team and the "Best Job on Earth"
  • Zimbabwe's tough stance on homosexuality
  • A country can't declare bankruptcy, can it?
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