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The Team in South Africa
(June 12 - June 23)

June 12, 1999: South Africa - Welcome to South Africa, Go Directly to Jail!
  • Is apartheid dead? It's not all Black and White -- Monica explains an outsider's view of apartheid
  • Black Sash Crusader for Race Equality -- Kavitha speaks with Mary Burton about Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa
  • Find out how Find out how Monica escaped from jail!
June 16, 1999: Getting Educated, South African Style
  • Watch out world! Kavitha and Monica take a lesson from kids about African beats
  • Shawn discovers kids who are learning the hard way and loving it
  • From Zulu to Kindi and Afrikaans, Abeja discovers a spectrum of languages and faces
June 19, 1999: Passing the Torch in South Africa
  • Join Monica in Africa greeting its new leadership
  • Shawn tackles the "Big Five" in the game forest of Africa
  • Abeja is confused by playing rugby and eating pizza pie
  • and Kavitha explains what lies ahead for the youth of Africa in the upcoming century
June 23, 1999: Sawubona South Africa, MhoroZimbabwe
  • 1500 wives and girlfriends?! Learn about King Shaka Zulu's exploits from Abeja
  • Kevin lightens his load--but not by his choice!
  • Where to next? Monica unveils the secrets behind the Trekker's daily decisions
  • Kavitha mourns a student massacre at Soweto
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