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Mali to Egypt
(September 25, 1999 - October 27, 1999)

September 25, 1999: From the Sahara to the Sea, the Team Keeps Truckin'
  • Perils of the Sahara
  • Kavi grooves to the beat of a different drum
  • If it weren't for this blasted desert
September 29, 1999: Au Revoir Mali, Bonjour Morocco
  • Kavitha tells us about Senegal's most famous spiritual leader who was known to be bulletproof and pray on water!
  • Jasmine takes us on the journey to Morocco where she finds birthday cake at the end of the trail!
  • She's got the beat! Roving reporter, Monica, brings us the latest news from North English and French!
October 2,1999: The Road to Morocco is paved with History, Tribes, and Carpets!
  • No, we don't all speak the same language!
  • Where do you come from, really?
  • Oh, the tangled knots we weave·
October 6, 1999: The Magical, Moroccan, Mystery Tour
  • Join Jasmine as she wanders the red, dusty road to the real land of Oz!
  • Kavitha spins a tale of magic, snake charmers and snails
  • Abeja will lead you through the belly button of Atlas
October 9,1999: The Treasures That Lie in the Beauty of the Streets
  • Never leave home without me!
  • Cinderella could've live here
  • When cruelty leads to greatness
October 13, 1999: A Moroccan Culture Trip: Tattoos, Tribal Chiefs, Hidden Heads and Wandering Jews
  • You want me to wear WHAT?
  • Onward! Across the Straits of Gibraltar!
  • The Perfect Tattoo - Painless, Safe and Non-permanent
October 16, 1999: Morocco: Tradition, Glory and Change
  • You can't go in there
  • A new king and a whole lotta country
  • If the shoe fits, wear it!
October 20,1999: A Sea of Discovery in Spain
  • And Columbus sailed the ocean blue...
  • Wouldn't you rather be dolphin watching?
  • You thought you couldn't hunt whales anymore? Think again!
October 23, 1999: Of Ancient Greeks and Innovation: Travelling through Time with the Odyssey
  • Can you discover the God or Goddess within you? Take Jazz's quiz and find out!
  • Alpha, omega, and epsilon - it's all Greek to Abeja!
  • How did the Odyssey get its name anyway? Kavitha tells the tale of the Odyssey and its namesake.
  • From an old-fashioned victrola to the latest Sega video game, Monica talks technology.
October 27, 1999: Greek Myth, Game and Legend - Olive This and More!
  • A brief history of the olive and the Olympics
  • Two "Making a Differences" - the Parthenon and Nike
  • Meet the Goddess Athena
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