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The Team in West Africa & Mali
(August 14 - September 22)

August 14, 1999: Off Limits: There Are Some Places in Africa You Just Can't Go
  • Monica learns the hard way about catching a bug on the road
  • No tourism allowed, too dangerous in Zaire
  • Why not to go to Angola
August 18, 1999: New Faces, Places and Experiences in West Africa
  • Slavery - The dark side of humanity
  • Déja vu in West Africa
  • The price of new friendships
  • What a long, bumpy trip it's bus!
August 21, 1999: Trekkers Take on West Africa! Tales from Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Côte d'Ivoire
  • Kavitha and Abeja meet one of Ghana's most remarkable women and at age 80, she's still got spunk!
  • A picture says a thousand words... but is it worth getting arrested?
  • Kevin's first motorcycle ride since San Francisco and he's breaking laws already!
  • Abeja arrives to Côte d'Ivoire and her language skills come to an abrupt halt!
August 25, 1999: Over the Hills and Through the Woods (well, sort of!) The Team Reunites in Mali!
  • Treated like kings in the 4th poorest country in the world
  • All the way out from Timbuktu!
  • Five travellers in need
August 28, 1999: It's a Different World Than Where We Come From
  • Kavitha wakes from her slumber to discover the daily devotion of Muslims in Mali
  • Is rain good or bad? Jasmine learns firsthand about its affects on West Africa
  • Monica finds out how UNICEF is making the world a better place for children
  • Monica and Kavitha give and receive language lessons in Mali
September 1, 1999: Traditional Living in the Third World; It Ain't Easy!
  • I turned around and the African girl was balancing my digital camera carefully on her head--no hands!
  • To Timbuktu in buses, boats and canoes?
September 8, 1999: The Places We Go, The People We Meet
  • Peanut sauce, again?! Can we pleeeaase eat something different.
  • Abeja to the rescue!
  • New pipelines at whose expense? Big oil companies go home!
September 11, 1999: Magic in the Middle of Nowhere
  • Imagine eating, breathing and sleeping sand!
  • We're not in Kansas anymore
  • And the brown woman was wearing what we call a skirt on her head!
September 15, 1999: Much to Learn, Many Tales to Tell
  • One Hump or Two?
  • First comes the Husband...then comes the baby carriage!
  • Is there a Mosquito Net in the House?
September 18, 1999: Getting Cultural and Cultivating Girls
  • "Miami Vice" meets "Lawrence of Arabia," - The French in Africa
  • Having a Bad Day? Did You Remember the Gods? A novel about Mali
  • Yeah, well my guy's makeup is better than your guy's! Could be if you're Fulani
  • 144 countries have ratified a convention against discrimination against women, but NOT THE US!
September 22, 1999: Trekker Trials and Tribulations in Mali (say it five times fast!)
  • Kavitha discovers a Malian version of the U.S. Peace Corps
  • Kevin wishes he is a character in Star Trek instead of a member of the World Trek
  • Abeja gets so thirsty her legs start to cramp up
  • Jasmine calls YOU to join the fight to save our planet!

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