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The Team in Egypt
(October 30, 1999 - December 11, 1999)

October 30, 1999: An Egyptian Halloween - The Team Tangles with Mummies
  • Take a tip from Egypt and become a mummy this Halloween!
  • The bountiful Nile River and its many wonders
  • Hey! Is that really a pyramid? It's kinda lumpy
November 3, 1999: Egypt IS an Ancient Wonder!
  • Don't expect too much baksheesh
  • Imagine having One of The Seven Wonders of the World in your backyard!
  • Uh, I don't think we're in Luxor anymore
November 6, 1999: Exploring Egypt: The Gift of the Nile
  • Global Girl Power! Girls' day out in Cairo
  • Digging up the tombs of the Pharaohs
  • Ancient and modern worlds collide in Egypt
  • Ancient Egypt's very own soap opera
November 10, 1999: Education Egyptian-style: Tombs, Hieroglyphs and Spirits
  • Are you a good God or a bad God?
  • Temple of Gloom...or is it?
  • The handwriting is one the wall!
November 13, 1999: Of Queens, Conquerors, Saints and Saviors: The Team Relives the Legends of Egypt
  • Holy life in the desert: a day in the life of a coptic monk
  • Alexandria, Egypt: city of legend
  • Walking in Jesus' footsteps through Coptic Cairo
  • The legend of the great Cleopatra
  • Sharing ideas across cultures: The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO)
November 17, 1999: Egyptian Women, Sufism, and more!
  • You can't say that ALL girls wear skirts
  • Dancing in the church? It's part of the service!
  • It's a bird; it's a plane! Superwoman last sighted in Cairo, Egypt!!
November 20, 1999: From Reckless Sultans to Polluted Streets: Cairo's Challenges Through the Ages
  • Can't Take Fresh Air for Granted in Cairo
  • That Rules! A Story of Egypt's Sultans
  • When a Woman Commands the Egyptian Throne
November 24, 1999 - From Engineering Marvels to Ancestral Homelands, the Team Treks On
  • What's new in Nubia?
  • Humans vs. Nature: Who will win? Controlling the Nile River
  • That's one long shortcut! The Story of the Suez Canal
December 1, 1999 - The World Trekkers Join the Fight for Women's Rights
  • Fairytales are not what they used to be!
  • I am woman, hear me roar!
  • Living in a graveyard
December 4, 1999: Egyptians Young and Old, Bright and Ambitious
  • Sudanese refugees seek escape to a better life
  • How brilliant were the ancient Egyptians?
  • SHE's Educating Egyptians about Health Care
December 8, 1999: Egyptian Travel through the Desert, the Sky and History
  • Whole lot of history going down!
  • Ride a camel to the stars
  • A bird's gotta fly!
December 11, 1999: The Odyssey's Final Words from Egypt!
  • Jazzy tells us why the world's largest manmade lake isn't so great
  • Learn why no one is saying adieu to ADEW - especially Egyptian women!
  • How long did England rule Egypt? Find out from the Team!
  • Gee whiz... what's all this talk about Jihad?
  • Scaling Mt. Sinai
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