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October 30, 1999: An Egyptian Halloween - The Team Tangles with Mummies

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Kavitha shakes hands with a replica of The Sphinx

Best Dispatch!Take a tip from Egypt and become a mummy this Halloween!
Abeja - Introducing Egypt's Living Dead

The most treacherous activity in Egypt may be crossing the street!
Monica - Learning How To "Walk Like An Egyptian…"

The bountiful Nile River and its many wonders
Kavitha - Many Streams, One River

Hey! Is that really a pyramid? It's kinda lumpy
Jasmine - One Step at A Time: Egypt's First Pyramid

Libya? Uh, maybe next time.
Team - U.S.-Libya: A History of Tense Relations

The King (of Egypt) and his own little "Graceland"
Team - Memphis: The Ancient Capital of Egypt

Algeria's struggle is the Trekkers' Ticket elsewhere
Team - Politics as Usual in Algeria

Making a Difference Somebody's lost their marbles!Making a Difference
Making a Difference - The Parthenon Temple: Reuniting a symbol of world cultural heritage

Making a DifferenceSomeone has stolen the goddess Nike! Making a Difference
Making a Difference - Just Do It...or forever hold your peace!

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November 3, 1999 - 3 pm
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