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September 25, 1999:
From the Sahara to the Sea, the Team Keeps Truckin'

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Yeah, Mali!

Perils of the Sahara
Abeja - You think you've got problems? Try getting across the Sahara Desert sometime!

It'll never happen to us!
Team - Kevin Gets a Souvenir from Africa: Malaria

Beauty in Dakar
Jasmine - Lac Rose

Kavi grooves to the beat of a different drum
Kavitha - Jammin'…Groovin' and Diggin' the tunes!

If it weren't for this blasted desert
Monica - The Ingredients of crossing the Sahara desert: Sand, Water and Landmines???

Ow, my bum!
Monica - The People on the Bus Go Up and Down, Part II

Best Dispatch!Can we come too?
Monica - Trying to sail the ocean blue!

Oh, the memories...
Team - Bittersweet Recollections: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Mali

Making a DifferenceBaby formula vs. breast milk -- which is safer?Making a Difference
Making a Difference - Abeja gets M.A.D.-- she's Making a Difference

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