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August 7. 1999:
Taking Control: Zimbabwe Struggles Against the Powers That Be

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How will history remember Ian Smith? What do you think of him?

Will the REAL Ian Douglas Smith please stand up?
Monica - An Interview With Ian Douglas Smith, It's All a Matter of Perspective

Find out what your rights are in Zimbabwe. Same as the U.S.? Think again.
Kevin - Constitutional Comparisons

Dangerous plan for world domination: What happened in Naboo might happen to you!
Best Dispatch! Kavitha - Spreading a Bad Seed - The Greed of Agri-business

No more papers, no more books. In fact, there's not a school for miles.
Monica- Frustration Fuels Motivation - Education in Zimbabwe Through the Eyes of a Student Activist

Making a Difference Sounds like a plan for Dr. Evil: Inventing the bad seed. Making a Difference
Making a Difference - Developing Countries, Big Daddy Corporations and the World Trade Organization

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August 11, 1999 - 11 pm
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