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July 31, 1999:
Zimbabweans Paving Paths to Brighter Futures

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Hoop-rolling is serious business for Theofile

Young people find the ticket to a bright future with CHIYSAP
Kevin - The Bumpy Road from Training to Freedom

Breaking down barriers and connecting with kids on the streets
Best Dispatch! Kavitha - Homeless Youth - From the Cold Streets to Caring Arms

A breath of hope for the impoverished of Matabeleland
Monica - The DP Foundation:
Two Ladies who Make a Difference

The Prince of Wales, polygamy, and rain dances... all in one day!
Abeja - Rural Traditions and European Legacies

A path full of promise for one young, female soon-to-be freshman
Monica - From Harare to Harvard:
A Zimbabwean Student Comes to the United States

Making a Difference Make your voice heard! Making a Difference
Vote now and help kids around the world

Making A Difference - What are the Big Issues in Your Community?

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