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July 21, 1999:
Past, Present, Future: Freedom and Redevelopment in Zimbabwe

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Energetic colors suggest prosperity.  But where are all the people?

Hard For Me to Say I'm Sorry...Government Tries to Make Up for Military Terror
Monica - Breaking the Silence:
5 Brigade Victims Compensated

"Fruits or Vegetables today, Mr. Police Officer?": Secrecy Required on the Road to Freedom
Monica - Visit with a Freedom Fighter: Talking about the Past, Looking Towards the Future

Different Strokes for Different Folks!
Kevin - A Young Artist Searches For A Style of His Own

Modernization After Colonization is a Full Time Job
Abeja - Rebuilding Zimbabwe: Cooperation Makes Sense

Shaga"relic," Baby! Ancient African ruins, Medicine Men and Fortune Tellin' Old Ladies
Best Dispatch! Shawn - Mystic Fortunes of Great Zimbabwe

Making a DifferenceSupport rape victims in your community, and prevent it from happening in the future:Making a Difference
Making a Difference - Shouting from the Mountaintops to Raise Rape Awareness!

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July 24, 1999 - 11 pm
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