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July 17, 1999:
Zimbabwe and Mozambique:
A Hero's Death and the Simple Life

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Tryphine, Nancy, Neoleen, and Dorothy want to hear from you!

While the U.S. celebrated the 4th of July, Zimbabweans said farewell to a freedom fighter
Monica - Death of a Zimbabwean Hero

The long hard struggle against white supremacy
Team - Africa for Africans! The Long, Painful Death of Rhodesia and Birth of Zimbabwe

Promoting awareness, finding solutions - Zimbabwean youth fight rape and disease
Kevin - Threat of Rape Unites Young Girls

The vices of Vilankulo are the travelers who visit
Abeja - Paradise Found... And Lost Again

Offshore adventures with a ragsail vessel
Best Dispatch! Shawn - A Taste of the Island Life

Making a DifferenceSupport rape victims in your community, and prevent it from happening in the future:Making a Difference
Making a Difference - Shouting from the Mountaintops to Raise Rape Awareness!

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